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FHP Birthing Suites-

ANDERSON, Brenda and OLPIN, Jeff, Layton, girl.

DUQUE, Maria, Salt Lake City, girl.

FOSTER, Bryce and Renae, Dugway, boy.

LESTARGE, Brian and Liza, Provo, girl.

MINARD, Richard and Anita, Mountain Home, Idaho, girl.

OHMAN, Scott and Sarah, Summit Park, girl.

SMITH, Paul and Janet, West Valley City, boy.

SWIHART, Jim and Kim, West Valley City, girl.

TURPIN, Jason and Kristi, North Salt Lake, girl.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

BLACK, Rex and Adrian, girl.

DAVIS, Douglas and Denise, girl.

FACKRELL, John and Eileen, boy.

JACOBSON, Kenneth and Elizabeth, girl.

SMITH, David and Debra, twin girls.

WANG, Wen and Teresa, South Jordan, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BLATNICK, Brett and Robin, Magna, girl.

BURNETT, Brent and Terri, Woods Cross, boy.

BURNETT, Hiram and Diane, Salt Lake City, boy.

COLEMAN, Mark and Courtney, Salt Lake City, boy.

DALE, Mike and Allison, Salt Lake City, boy.

FARMER, Lance and Ruth, Salt Lake City, boy.

MAW, Darryl and Lisa, Salt Lake City, girl.

PETERSON, Lisa and BYRNE, J. Terence, Bountiful, boy.

ROBERTS, Douglas and Tammy, Salt Lake City, boy.

SCOTT, Larry and Sonja, Elko, girl.

STRONG, Brian and Mary Ann, Salt Lake City, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ANGILAU, Ofafangikivaha and Teresa, Kearns, boy.

BURGESS, Timothy and Kathy, West Jordan, girl.

CHRISTIANSEN, David and Karen, Midvale, girl.

EVERETT, Gordon and Tifany, Midvale, boy.

GOODMAN, Carl and Kristen, Bountiful, boy.

HICKMAN, Jeffrey Blake and and Shana Lee, Sandy, boy.

HYER, Roger and Cynthia, Salt Lake City, girl.

KULKARNI, Sandeep and Ashwini, Salt Lake City, girl.

MEANS, Terry and Anne Marie, Orem, girl.

NELSON, Wayne and Libbi, Salt Lake City, boy.

NGUYEN, Am So and Lam, West Valley City, boy.

NGUYEN, My Linh and TROUNG, Ngoi, Salt Lake City, boy.

SNYDER, Dennie and Mary Louise, Salt Lake City, boy.

STANLEY, Mark and Julie, Salt Lake City, boy.

STATEN, Gene and Amy, Salt Lake City, girl.

STEVENS, Michael and Marianne, Magna, boy.

WALKER, Mark and Twyla, Salt Lake City, girl.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Thomas and Darla, Orem, boy.

AUGUSTUS, Russel and Cheryl, Provo, boy.

BEAN, Stephen and Suzanne, Provo, girl.

BLAIR, Gary and Ellen, Orem, girl.

BROWN, James and Denise, Provo, girl.

BRUNER, David and Laurel, Provo, boy.

CLEARWATER, Keith and Susan, Orem, boy.

COBB, Donas and Julie, Provo, boy.

COLEMAN, Clay and Lisa, American Fork, boy.

COLGROVE, Nathan and Lorilee, Provo, boy.

CONK, Steven and Brenda, Provo, boy.

CREVISTON, Bradley and Traci, Provo, girl.

DUTSON, Craig and Karla, Orem, girl.

FISCHBECK, John and Jackie, South Jordan, girl.

GARN, Martin and Lisa, Orem, girl.

HOLT, Brian and Patricia, Provo, boy.

IRWIN, Ann, Provo, boy.

JAHN, Robert and Patricia, Orem, boy.

JERMAIN, Leslie, Salem, boy.

KING, Stanley and Gail, Springville, boy.

KNELL, Roger and Allison, Provo, girl.

KYNASTON, Dean and Angela, Provo, girl.

LARSEN, Craig and Dianne, Provo, boy.

LEROY, Mark and Lisa, Orem, girl.

LLEWELYN, John and Cori, Orem, boy.

LOWE, Richard and Lori, Spanish Fork, girl.

MATTHEWS, Klint and Brooke, Provo, girl.

MILLER, Robert and Louise, Provo, boy.

MISALUCHA, Benson and Arleen, Provo, boy.

MONEY, Brent and Kris, Spanish Fork, boy.

OTT, Lonny and Christine, Provo, boy.

PARTRIDGE, Darcy and Julie, Provo, girl.

PETERSEN, William and Stephani, Orem, boy.

RAPICH, Micahel and Karrie, Green River, boy.

ROSE, Edmund and Nancy, Provo, girl.

SCHOOL, Steven and Gregoria, Provo, boy.

SHELLEY, Scott and Jamie, Provo, girl.

SMITH, Kent and Jameal, Provo, girl.

TREE, Michael and Molly, Provo, girl.

VECCHI, Heltch and Lilian, Provo, boy.

WALL, Chad and Zenda, Heber, boy.

WALPOLE, Rolf and Tangalen, Mapleton, girl.

WALTERS, Loxley and Kerri, Provo, boy.

WILKINS, Boyd and Janet, Orem, girl.

WILLIAMS, Mark and Carol, Milford, boy.

WINN, Tony and Beck, Orem, boy.

WRIGHT, Matthew and Echo, Provo, boy.