Monday marked the start of the new Enhanced 911 system in Juab County.

Commissioner Jay Morris (Ike) Lunt said he's impressed. "The system is on line now and is operating and can be used for emergency calls.""This climax has been the result of 16 months of work and several changes in the system," said Leon Winter, Emergency Services director.

The $160,000 system was activated after representatives of US WEST and Juab County agreed everything was in order, Winter said.

The new emergency phone system covers the Nephi, Levan, Mona, Eureka and Mammoth areas. For a while, calls made from the West Desert communities of Juab County - Callao, Trout Creek and Partoun - will continue to be handled by the private phone company that services the area.

The system includes the 911 system, a computer-aided dispatch and a computer network. Also included in the package was an uninterupted power supply and a large generator that will handle emergency power to the 911 system and to the computers as well as the new radio and recorder that were purchased two years ago.