The three remaining Beatles will be getting together to make a television documentary about the group's history and may also put together some music for the film, Paul McCartney said.

McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison will work together on a 10-part television series called The Long and Winding Road, believed to a British Broadcasting Corp. project, and that could mean some new Beatles songs, the former Beatle said."We're getting together for this thing . . . and there is a chance that we might actually do a little bit of music for it," McCartney, 50, was reported by the BBC as saying. "It'll probably just be the three of us."

McCartney was in New York Thursday to announce his own plans to kick off a world tour in Australia next year.

The Beatles last played together as a group in 1970 and each has pursued separate careers since then, although Harrison and Starr have often played together.