The state's largest newspaper has called for the resignation of Sen. Bob Packwood, saying the bond of trust between the senator and his constit-uents has snapped.

In a Sunday editorial, The Oregonian said Packwood has ducked important questions about allegations of sexual harassment and should resign."Packwood has let Oregon down," the editorial said. "He should step down."

Packwood said last week that he would not resign "under any circumstances."

The Oregonian noted it has consistently supported Packwood, a Republican, and endorsed him for a fifth term.

"That was before he snapped the bond of trust," the paper said.

Packwood is accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward 16 women during his 24-year Senate career and attempting to smear the name of several of the women speaking out. Six of the women have come forward since a Nov. 22 story in The Washington Post reported that 10 female staff members and lobbyists accused Packwood of sexual harassment.

On Thursday, Packwood publicly apologized to the women and pledged to renew the bond of trust with his constituents.

"Oregonians should not have to suffer through Packwood's painful effort to repair that bond - if he ever can," said the Portland newspaper, which has a Sunday circulation of 450,000.