Trash from outside the Magic Valley - even from outside Idaho - might come to Twin Falls County if Dispose-All Inc. builds a proposed private landfill southwest of Twin Falls.

Doug Lomow, president of the Boise company, said Friday that while he wants the eight Magic Valley counties to be his primary customers, he cannot rule out taking trash from outside the area."If we don't have any trash (locally), we would look for trash," Lomow told the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

He described a "waste shed" for the proposed private landfill from Idaho Falls to the Ada County line, and from Stanley to the Nevada border. He also mentioned Jackpot, Nev.

Lomow said he would cap the amount of trash entering the landfill - which would have an estimated 30-year operating life - at 500 to 700 tons a day.

Twin Falls County is working on its own landfill plan, and six other Magic Valley counties have formed the Southern Idaho Regional Solid Waste District to handle their trash. But the district estimates the amount of trash produced in the Magic Valley at a little more than 300 tons a day.

"That doesn't mean you can line up trucks from here to New York City" for a Dispose-All private landfill, Lomow said.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this year that local regulators may not prevent interstate trash hauling. But a county or solid waste district can restrict trash imports to a landfill it owns, said Terry Schultz, director of the regional solid waste district.

Schultz said he does not foresee the solid waste district using Lomow's landfill, citing long-term costs, liability and lack of public control. He said the district "intends to build its own facility irrespective of Dispose-All's timetable."