A letter to Santa from a boy asking for help getting to "Heven" so his out-of-work parents don't have to feed him provoked offers of assistance from across the country.

The only problem is police don't know where to find Thad and his family."We'd sure like to find him," Clallam County sheriff's Sgt. Monty Martin said Monday. "I think this is the time of year that everyone goes out to make Christmas happy. We'd sure like to make this kid's Christmas happy."

Educators who have seen the letter guess the writer, who only signed the name "Thad," is a child between third- and fifth-grade age.

People called on Monday to say they think they may know Thad's family, and police hoped to follow up on the leads, police said.

People from around the country and Canada have called to offer money, food and other gifts.

The unstamped letter was dropped off in a mailbox by the Clallam County Courthouse in the depressed timber town of 17,700 people 63 miles northwest of Seattle.

It begins: "Dear Santa Clas

"Please help my mom and dad this Christmas. My dad is not working anymore. We don't get many food now. My mom gives us the food she would eat. Please help my mom an dad.

"I want to go to Heven too be with the angels. Can you bring me to Heven? My mom an dad woud not have too by things for me no more. That would make them happy. Please bring my dad a job an some food.

"I live in my house like last year. We got candils. A city man took the lights a way. It looks like we don't live heer no more. We do. I will wate for you too come in my room.

"I will not slep. Wen you give my dad a job and some food too my mom I will go with you and the rain deer.

"Merry Christmas too you Mrs Clas too the elfs too.


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