The Navy is calling it quits on an electronic radar-jamming system that was in development for 15 years at a cost of $1.5 billion but repeatedly failed its flight tests.

The Airborne Self Protection Jammer had become a symbol of weapon systems kept in development by the Pentagon bureaucracy before the bugs were ironed out.In a statement issued Tuesday, the Navy said it had canceled $835 million worth of contracts related to the program.

It said "the decision to terminate . . . was made because it was determined in operational testing that the system was not operationally effective and not operationally suitable."

The system was being developed for a variety of carrier-based warplanes, such as the F-14, F-A-18 and the E-A-6.

The Pentagon had spent more than $1.5 billion to develop the system and had ordered 136 of the devices, which were supposed to confuse enemy surface-to-air missile radars.

But the system never passed its flight tests.