There you go again (Nov. 28 editorial, "Bad genes or just bad science?), getting emotionally carried away as you do from time to time in some of your editorials. Why get so worked up?

All the psychologists were saying is (quoting your article), "that genes may influence personality in ways that can lead to the kind of behavior that breaks up marriages." And I feel they also play a role in other areas that you so much want to deny.I am sure those scientists will be the first to admit that environment also plays an important role and that one still has the capacity and responsibility to restrain oneself when necessary.

But it cannot be denied certain tendencies are built in. Man is not simply a formless piece of clay at birth to begin molding into shape.

Animal breeders have known for years it was in the genes. Dog breeders not only breed for physical characteristics but for "temperament" also. Compare the Doberman pinscher and pit bull with the cocker spaniel.

Or are you saying that human beings are special and anyone who says differently is practicing "bad science"? Historically, those who have preferred fantasy over reality have always felt it was bad science. The fantasy people, however, do eventually get dragged screaming and kicking into the future (and then ironically often claim they knew it all along).

To the flat Earth people, a spherical Earth was bad science. To Earth-centered authority, heliocentricity was bad science. Now bad science indicates we may be even less special. We may not even be at the center of anything, just an insignificant sun in an insignificant galaxy among billions.

Do we have to be arrogantly special to enjoy life? I think not. All too often, arrogance and absolute knowledge that one is right and everyone else is wrong has led to conflict, strife and much of man's misery.

Grant Simons