In regard to the letter published in the Readers' Forum of the Deseret News Dec. 14 from Mr. Kent Ful-ler of Eden, why not give up other "vices"? I wish to make an observation in defense of two of the finest people I have ever known.

Leonard Fuller was my bishop as a young man and his wife Phyllis was my Sunday School teacher. They operated a small mercantile store in Eden for many years. No one who ever came into their store needing assistance or food was turned away. Credit was extended to everyone, often never repaid for years, if at all.Bishop Fuller loved horses but never placed them before people. Never in his life would he have allowed greed or avarice to hurt those who could least afford a "vice."

He loved young people and sponsored many clean, wholesome activities for us: baseball, basketball and once even a Fourth of July horse race. He would have cut off his arm, however, before he would have bet on the outcome or taught any of us who were in his charge to do that.

I remember the Fullers with love and affection. I'm grateful for the time I spent in their home. For the honest values they taught and for their friendship up until the time of their deaths. I remember their names with honor and devotion. It is too bad anyone might have cause to do otherwise.

L. Don Berchtold

Brigham City