Fae Swinyard is sharing her distinctive world in an exhibit she has titled "Personal Visions." On view through Jan. 5 at the Atrium Gallery, the paintings are "little stories."

Swinyard relies on mixed media to record her stories - oil pastel, Prismacolor pencil, oil stick and graphite.Human figures are an integral part of her compositions. Drawn quickly, they sometimes surface only when the viewer takes the time to "read" the painting.

It's true that titles and words dotting each composition offer some clues to the story. But you often have to read them like ink-blot designs in a Rorschach test. As a result, some viewers might give the exhibit an overall rating of "G," while others might label it an "R." It all depends on how the imagery is interpreted.

Abstraction, verticality and formal balance are seen frequently in her work. Warm colors are present - even in scenes of pain and death.

Some of Swinyard's strongest works include "There Was Occasion for Joy," "Stars in the Corners" and "This Story Is True." In the last one, the artist imaginatively interprets the Nativity story.

Swinyard received both her bachelor of arts and master of fine arts degrees from Brigham Young University. She taught art in public schools in Utah and California. She has also taught ceramics at Southern Utah University and BYU.

The Atrium Gallery is located in the Salt Lake City Public Library, 209 E. 500 South. The gallery is open during regular library hours.

- A film featuring the Springville Museum of Art will premier Wednesday, Jan. 6, from 7-8 p.m. at the museum. The film is an introduction to the art and educational programs that the museum makes available to students and patrons of the arts.

The 11-minute film was directed by Marcy Brown and produced by Rob Brown and John Whitaker. They will be at the viewing to tell about making the film.

The film has been funded through a grant from the Utah Legislature.

- Lectures, workshops and classes*:

Wednesday, Dec. 30 (noon, Salt Lake Art Center, 20 S. West Temple, 328-4201) - Art-lunch lecture about the exhibits at the Salt Lake Art Center by David W. Pursley.

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