Two Layton men were found Monday in good condition after they spent the night in the Monte Cristo mountains when they became stranded on their snowmobiles.

Weber County Chief Deputy Paul Newey identified the missing men as Chad Haring, 27, and Anthony Atkinson, 28.Newey said Haring was found about 1:30 p.m., walking down snow-covered U-39, about six miles from where they had left on their snowmobiles. Atkinson was found nearby about 15 minutes later. Both men were being checked for frostbite.

They were reported missing about midnight and some 28 members of the search and rescue team began looking for them about 7 a.m., Newey said. Both men spent the night on the mountain above Ogden Canyon near Huntsville, and Newey said he was under the impression that they had built a fire sometime during the night.

"Snowmobilers dress warm so they were prepared for (the cold)," said Newey. "It wasn't below zero (that) night."

Newey said the two men had split up sometime during the night to get help after one of the snowmobiles became bogged down in a gulch.