Leftist rebels attacked five Colombian airports, apparently to retaliate for the capture of a guerrilla leader a day earlier, radio reports said Friday.

The rebels attacked the Medellin airport, the nation's second-busiest, Thursday night, destroying a military helicopter, a communications tower and radio equipment, Hernan Valencia, the city civil air director, said on the RCN radio network.One security guard was killed and service was temporarily suspended, Valencia said.

The guerrillas also destroyed radio equipment systems in the airports of Pereira, in the south, and the eastern city of Cucuta. Other attacks were carried out on the airports of the Pacific port of Buenaventura and Saravena in the east-ern plains.

A sixth attack on the airport in Colombia's third-largest city, Cali, was thwarted by authorities, RCN said.

The sabotage occurred one day after authorities captured Francisco Galan, leader of the National Liberation Army. An anonymous caller revealed Galan's whereabouts to the army to collect the $144,000 reward the government has offered for certain top guerrilla leaders.

The National Liberation Army is one of three rebel groups that make up the Simon Bolivar Coordinated Guerrilla Front.

Meanwhile, police in Medellin deactivated a car bomb on Friday, one day after a similar bomb exploded in the city killing 10 police and four civilians, authorities said.

A special anti-explosive police unit found more than 200 pounds of explosives in the car parked near Medellin's Garden of Peace Cemetery, where two of the slain officers were to have been buried. Authorities said they believed the bomb was set to explode by remote control during the funeral procession.