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To the editor:

It is true that efforts should be made to stop, or at least slow, the cancerous spread of homosexual mythology, propaganda and activities that lead to deviant sexual behavior.However, efforts to stop the spread of this cancer should not include beating or killing the patient. This is true even though the cancer of homosexuality is for the most part self-inflicted, like cancer from smoking. The hate-crimes bill should protect gays as well as other minorities.

No matter how grievous or sickening the sexual sin, violence against and murder of the sinner is not justified. Even if protection of homosexuals against hate crimes might "advance their cause," other lawful and effective methods can be used to hinder their cause.

Especially tragic would be the beating or killing of a homosexual who was hoping and trying to change. Many have changed and many others are trying to change, and that change should be easier now that studies of identical twins show that homosexual behavior is learned behavior.

Scientific studies show that in half of the cases where one identical twin is homosexual, his (or her) identical twin brother (or sister), who was born with the same propensity or predisposition toward homosexuality, is not homosexual.

The difference has to do with choices that led one twin to be gay; whereas his or her identical twin made choices that led him or her to be heterosexual.

E. Richardson

Salt Lake City