To the editor:

It always amazes me that in all the rhetoric we hear from our news media, our journalists, our representatives and even our president, nothing is ever mentioned about the reason for the present decadent state of our country: The once-healthy work ethic is now nearly dead.It is most evident in the motor vehicle industry where American cars are considered inferior to those of Japanese make. We used to be so proud of our workmanship, and we were the economic wonder of the world.

In the 1960s, a revolution swept America's campuses. God was dead and pleasure was the only purpose in life. This new philosophy affected our national values immensely. We now see a society where workers work as little as possible, produce as little as possible, but still want big salaries.

All this decadence came as the result of de-Christianizing our schools, forbidding prayer and any semblance of religion. With God dead, there was no longer any incentive to try to please him.

This is also the reason for the failure of our schools. No amount of money or legislation will improve the quality of education as long as we reject God and prayer in schools.

Let us return to a living God and his commandments. This is the only thing that will heal our nation.

L.A. Williams

Salt Lake City