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To the editor:

Kudos for Sen. LeRay L. McAllister and Sen. C.E. "Chuck" Peterson for caring about our air quality.I had reason to go up to Salt Lake City on two different occasions. On the first trip, I met Sen. Peterson on the Utah Transit Authority riding the bus with me. On the last trip, also on the bus, I met Sen. McAllister. It was so invigorating to me to see men of their professional caliber trying to contribute to fewer cars on the road so we can breathe good air.

I hope that other people in public life will follow their example to assist in every way possible in addressing the serious health hazards posed by the quality of the air we breathe in this valley. When those who propose to lead set the example, we can expect the citizenry at large to notice and then follow.

By actions both small and large - from riding the bus to cleaning up industrial pollution - there is much for all of us to do. In many cases, it's simply a matter of putting the public good ahead of personal comfort and financial gain.

Actions always speak louder than words.

Dean Hawker