Alta View Hospital-

CAPSON, Vonda, West Jordan, boy.

CRYSTAL, Ralph and Tamera, Sandy, boy.

FROGLEY, David and Cynthia, Sandy, boy.

GARDNER, John and Noelle, Salt Lake City, twin boys.

GLEASON, Adam and Valerie, Salt Lake City, boy.

HARRIS, Robert and Arlene, Salt Lake City, boy.

HUNTSMAN, Vince and Wendy, Salt Lake City, girl.

JEFFRIES, Mike and Wendy, Murray, girl.

LARSEN, Terry and Vickie, Sandy, girl.

PLATT, Carrie, Sandy, boy.

POLLOCK, Chris and Tina, West Jordan, boy.

RIRIE, Robert and Linda, Sandy, girl.

ROSS, Brent and Michelle, Riverton, girl.

RUTT, Francis, Sandy, girl.

TIMOTHY, Charles and Melody, Bluffdale, twins, boy and girl.

WATTS, Brent and Leezell, Midvale, boy.

WILLIAMS, John Scott and Terri, Sandy, boy.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

WALKER, Rod and Cindy, girl.

DRAPER, Kevin and Richelle, boy.

EDMAN, Paul and Jeanie, West Jordan boy.

ERTMANN, Dan and Jan, West Jordan, boy.

CLEVELAND, Richard and Shelley, boy.

BACKMAN, Richard and Kathleen, Riverton, girl.

WOOD, Chris and Julie, Salt Lake City, girl.

HASKELL, Chad and Marci, West Jordan, girl.

KALT, Andreas and Lori, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ALLEN, Keith and Shanna, Salt Lake City, boy.

CRAWFORD, James and Carol Jean, Bountiful, boy.

REESE, Steven and Darcy, Salt Lake City, girl.

HALLEN, Eric and Laura, North Salt Lake, girl.

BROWN, Joel and Karen, Bountiful, boy.

GIBBONS, Barry and Lucie, Bountiful, boy.

CALKINS, Robert and Melanie, Salt Lake City, girl.

MELLOR, Brent and Theresa, Salt Lake City, boy.

SANDERS, Kevin and Debra, Bountiful, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BONAMARTE, Emmett and Cindy, Sandy, girl.

CARLSON, Brian and Heather, Kaysville, girl.

CLAWSON, Kraig and Susan, Salt Lake City, boy.

FRANCIS, Pearlann and SMITH, James, Salt Lake City, boy.

GRILLO, Peter and Maria, Salt Lake City, boy.

HARARAH, Raefat and Myndie, Salt Lake City, boy.

HILDEBRAND, Lisa and REMINGTON, Stacey, Salt Lake City, boy.

JOHNSON, Mary Jane, and DEVENPORT, Kent, Sandy, girl.

MARTIN, James and Annette, Salt Lake City, girl.

McKEE, Danny and Heather, Kearns, girl.

NELLI, John and Patrice, Sandy, boy.

RASMUSSEN, Chad and Becky, Salt Lake City, girl.

RING, Brent and Sidney, West Valley City, girl.

SMITH, Robert and Li-Ling, Draper, boy.

THOMAS, Ronald and Michelle, West Valley City, boy.

WEST, Mark and Dori, Murray, girl.

YATES, Donald William Jr. and Marianne, Marion, boy.