University of Wyoming athletic director Paul Roach is demanding an apology from Utah coach Rick Majerus for screaming obscenities and punching the scorers' table during a game last month.

Roach also is indignant over Majerus' suggestion that the Western Athletic Conference call off its postseason basketball tournament so players can concentrate on their studies.But Majerus said late Monday that while he was sorry for using profanity during a game last month at Wyoming, he took back nothing else he said.

"I think I may have used some inappropriate language, for which I am apologetic. That is never appropriate and was uncalled for. But beyond that, I don't think there's anything to apologize for," he said.

Majerus' outburst came Jan. 25. Upset that a 3-point field goal was initially recorded as a two-point shot by the scorers, the coach yelled at the scorers and pounded their table.

"The scorer's table made a mistake," Majerus insisted Monday. "It's either a question of incompetency or dishonesty."

After the game, the Utah coach accused scorekeepers of trying to cheat his team. Following that, Majerus and Wyoming coach Benny Dees had a heated exchange.

But Majerus said he and Dees were on good terms, having a cordial lunch in Coffeyville, Kan., the next day. Both coaches were on a recruiting trip there, Majerus said.

"He said he didn't have a problem with me, and I have none with him," the Utah coach said.

WAC commissioner Joe Kearney reprimanded Majerus for his actions with a letter, but Roach wants the coach to apologize publicly.

"I think at the very least he should have apologized to the officials at the scorers' table and our fans," Roach said, adding that a one-game suspension also would be appropriate.

Majerus, angry that what he termed was a "private reprimand" had been made public, said Roach's actions "goes to show you he's played too many football games without a helmet.

"I didn't know that the (Western Athletic) Conference was operating out of Laramie, Wyo., and that Paul Roach is now the commissioner," the coach said.

While Roach said he was promised by his counterpart at Utah, Chris Hill, that Majerus would issue an apology, Hill disputes that claim.

"I don't think that's what I said to him. I'm not sure," Hill said prior to Saturday's rematch between Wyoming and Utah, which the Cowboys won.

As for Majerus' contention that the WAC should abandon its post-season tournament, Roach questioned the coach's ego after hearing about that comment.

"Who does he think he is? Does he think he's bigger than the game? He's not going to boycott the tournament," Roach said. "The tournament will be taken care of by the administrators and athletic directors in the WAC. He will be there to coach."

Majerus denied ever implying the Runnin' Utes would boycott the tournament, but said his opposition to the event - which he sees as unnecessary and a burden on student athletes - was longstanding.