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A Roosevelt City police officer will receive a letter of commendation from the police department for the manner in which he handled himself while under physical and verbal attack by two juveniles.

Officer Brad Draper was attacked while administering first aid following an altercation involving the youths.According to police reports, Draper responded to the scene at West Lagoon Street and Viola Circle shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday to find a 13-year old Myton boy lying face down in a pool of blood in the street.

As Draper attempted to administer first aid, a 17-year-old Myton boy and 13-year-old Roosevelt boy, accused in the assault, ignored orders to stand by the patrol car and began hitting, kicking and spitting on Draper while yelling obscenities, said Police Chief Cecil Gurr.

One of the boys threatened Draper's life and attempted to stop him from giving aid to the battered boy. In spite of the attacks, Draper was able to handcuff both boys without using force and turn his full attention to the injured youth.

Although numerous house lights went on during the melee, no one stepped outside to offer assistance. Backup assistance was eventually provided by Officer J.C. Hansen and Bureau of Indian Affairs police, said Gurr. An ambulance transported the injured boy to the Duchesne County Hospital for treatment.

The two suspects said they beat their friend because he was drunk and had tried to enter a house, according to the police report.

All three juveniles were charged with illegal consumption of alcohol. The two suspects were also charged with simple assault by a prisoner and resisting and interfering with a police officer. They were sent to the juvenile detention center in Vernal. Their case will be referred to juvenile court for prosecution.