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To the editor:

In the coming months, Utah's gubernatorial candidates (including at least one woman candidate) will be considering running mates. It is time to get serious about choosing a woman for lieutenant governor, something candidates in the past have only paid lip service.Many women are qualified to become an outstanding lieutenant governor. No longer is there a dearth of possibilities. They are well-educated and experienced in the private and public sectors. They include political leaders, tenured administrators, successful business owners and other professionals.

A woman on the ticket will help to erase the stigma that Utah discriminates against women that has hindered Utah's development. A woman will provide a new and important viewpoint on issues important to all Utahns.

It is time to go beyond the campaign rhetoric of "considering women." It is time to choose women as campaign partners. The candidates that first chooses a woman running mate will be taking a risk, true. It will take a real leader to do so; that's what we want for our next governor.

Mary A. Callaghan


Professional Republican Women