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Look for a need and try to fulfill it was the advice hundreds of Salt Lake area Eagle Scouts received at Saturday's "Breakfast of Champions" sponsored by the Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

James LeVoy Sorenson was the key note speaker and said following that advice has been the key to his success. Sorenson is a successful businessman who has founded three medical technology development companies over the past 35 years, as well as a clothing company.Sorenson crystalized his approach to success into seven steps.

- Balance. All of life is based on a balance of mind, body and spirit. Sorenson said. "Take care of the body, nourish the mind and be attuned to the spirit," he advised.

- Use time - "precious time" - wisely. Sorenson said time is a gift God gives to all equally without favoritism. "You can't save time from yesterday, and you can't borrow time from tomorrow. You only have today's time to spend, so spend it wisely." He encouraged the young Eagles to avoid time-wasting actions, such as anger, that use time but provide no beneficial return.

- Believe in the positive. "It's a matter of attitude," Sorenson said. "Be yourself, stay within your own rhythm. Don't let people put labels on you."

Sorenson said success is often determined by attitude and emphasized that attitude also determines one's altitude achieved in life.

- Take full responsibility. Quoting George Washington Carver, Sorenson said it is true that 99 percent of all failures involve people who make excuses.

- Build courage. "Courage is a feeling, an inside job," Sorenson said.

- Establish goals that challenge you. Sorenson said this is tied to courage in many ways. "It helps you realize you are capable and that you can often do more than you expect," Sorenson said. "Too often people sell out to the cheap. Not giving up is how you became Eagles."

- Pace yourself. Again, Sorenson said, it is important to stay within one's own rhythm. "You can't pace yourself if you allow in all the distractions of the world. You have to learn how to make the best use of your time," he added.

Sorenson said everyone is given the divine power of choice, to determine what they will be and for what they will stand.

"(You) Eagles are champions, you're the cream of the crop," Sorenson said. "You are the hope for tomorrow, and you are blessed and headed in the right direction with your value systems," Sorenson said.

"Stay with your values, stick to your goals. Use them to help mankind become better," Sorenson added. "We all need to leave the world, in some small way, better than we found it."