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An Army battalion stationed at Defense Depot Ogden will cut back its operations this summer, resulting in reassignment of about 150 of its members.

The 1,120th Army Signal Battalion is being deactivated as part of the overall downsizing of the country's military establishment."One company, or approximately 100 personnel, will be maintained in Ogden," said Lt. Col. Fred Estrella, the battalion's commander. The battalion is part of the 7th Army Signal Brigade, which is headquartered at Fort Ritchie, Md.

The company remaining at the Odgen-area depot will work to ensure that "dependable voice, message and data communications are available during a national emergency," he added. It will also provide communications services for the depot and Hill Air Force Base.

The expected gradual phase-out will not change the depot's mission, said Vince O'Neil of Defense Depot Ogden. Most likely, the reductions will be accomplished by not replacing troops who leave for other assignments.

"We will work with our soldiers to make this transition as easy as possible. We are working closely with soldiers who have purchased homes and wish to complete their original tour in Ogden," Estrella said.

The battalion is to be discontinued in July 1992. Depot officials said this will not reduce civilian jobs.