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To the editor:

What an experience it is to become a senior citizen. One realizes there will be a new kind of life ahead, but how can he/she know there is a new hierarchy of invisible leaders who will rather resent you as an intruder.Sooner or later, if one raises his head too high too soon, the invisible oldsters from the thrones of true wisdom begin a questioning process at meetings. "Just how old are you? Who asked you to come to this meeting? Could we see your receipts for dues payment? Where are you from anyway? Where did your family come from? Have you done your genealogy?

This writer as an M.D. made the fatal mistake of volunteering health talks at senior citizen bastions. The reaction was immediate from the grayest head of all. "We can't have anyone talk to our folks who has a prepared agenda, please don't come back."

Perhaps I am not far enough into my own second childhood to communicate properly. It must be a glorious achievement to become wise and venerable. It is absolutely amazing how difficult it is to become a senior citizen.

Eugene J. Faux