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Fire officials and the public works department are keeping a wary watch on a 700-yard-long mudslide on a hillside near the mouth of Ogden Canyon.

The slide near Rainbow Gardens was discovered Thursday. Although there were no injuries or damage reported, Fire Chief Jon Williams said it was the biggest slide there in several years."There was a significant amount of earth that moved. It may have alarmed people that live on top of the mountain," Williams said.

Heavy rain triggered a minor slide there Feb. 20, but nothing compared to the larger movement, which prompted workers to build a fence of 51 flashing barricades behind Rainbow Gardens to keep onlookers away.

Ogden police distributed fliers to residents informing them of the slide and asking them to report any further activity.

Williams said there did not appear to be imminent danger after the city had called in a state geologist.

He was unsure when the slide happened. It was reported to the fire department at 11 a.m. Thursday by another city official who heard about it from someone else.

"I am a little baffled about how it could go unnoticed for so long," Williams said.

He said the area has been plagued by slides, including a 1985 movement that knocked over a power pole.

Groundwater and runoff have eaten away at the hillside, where residents built their homes on the edge of a precipice that offered a great view.