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King Hussein of Jordan will visit Washington to confer with President Bush about the Middle East peace talks "and how to deal with Iraq's Saddam Hussein," a top White House adviser said Saturday.

National security adviser Brent Scowcroft confirmed the visit but declined to reveal the date of the Arab monarch's arrival. There have been reports that Hussein would be in Washington early next week.Bush will be at the White House Monday and most of Tuesday, except for a trip to Chicago, but he has set aside the remainder of the week for campaigning in the South in advance of the Super Tuesday primaries March 10.

Scowcroft said that Hussein and Bush would "compare notes on the peace process and how to move them along." The Arab delegations and Israel have been meeting in Washington in the third round of talks since they began in January.

Scowcroft said the two leaders also will discuss "how to deal with Iraq," which has been thwarting U.N. efforts to inspect its nuclear facilities.

"U.N. support is firm in enforcement of its gulf war cease-fire resolutions demanding that Iraq permit inspection of its facilities," he added.

Relations between the United States and Jordan have been strained since the war in the Persian Gulf one year ago, as Hussein continued to appeal for a peaceful solution of the dispute with Iraq after Iraq invaded Kuwait.