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The body of a baby girl found a week ago in the Provo River had been in the water anywhere from four weeks to three months, tests conducted by the state medical examiner's office indicate.

The examiner's office is still trying to determine whether the 8-pound, Caucasian newborn infant drowned or was dead when placed in the river, according to Provo Detective Brad Leatham.The Provo Police Department is offering a $500 reward for information that helps them identify the baby's mother.

A fisherman found the body caught on twigs in the river at approximately 5000 North on Feb. 22. The infant was naked and its umbilical cord was still partially attached. Algae had grown on the baby's body.

Anyone with information that may relate to the case is asked to call Leatham at 379-6225 or the Provo Dispatch Center, 379-6210.