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Brigham City Police have arrested a man who allegedly confessed to robbing a Springville restaurant and a Provo convenience store earlier this month.

According to Springville Police Lt. Oliver Nielsen, a man attempted to rob a Brigham City convenience store Wednesday night with a pistol, but the store employee refused to hand over the money when he noticed the gun was only a pellet gun. When the suspect fled on foot, police began surveillance on a suspicious car in the area. A short time later the suspect arrived at the car and was arrested.Nielsen said the man confessed to robbing Hardee's Restaurant in Springville on Feb. 8, and the Maverick Country Store in Provo on Feb. 13. The man also confessed to nine other robberies, Nielsen said.

Police are holding the 44-year-old suspect, who is a resident of West Point near Ogden, at the Box Elder County Jail. Local police have yet to file any charges against the man.