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Here is a state-by-state glimpse at the coming primaries and caucuses, with the dynamics in the March 10 states subject to change based on Tuesday's results:

MARCH 3:COLORADO (47 Dem; 37 GOP): Tsongas held a slim lead over Clinton heading into the final weekend. Bush comfortably ahead.

GEORGIA (76 Dem; 52 GOP): Clinton the overwhelming favorite in a critical test of the depth of his Southern support. Bush ahead, but Buchanan camped here in hopes of repeating his late New Hampshire surge and bruising the president again.

IDAHO (18 Dem): "Things right now are really up in the air," says state Democratic Chairman Mike Wetherell.

MARYLAND (67 Dem; 42 GOP): Tsongas with a slim lead over Clinton, with a debate scheduled Sunday night. Bush comfortably ahead.

MINNESOTA (78 Dem; 32 GOP): Tsongas leads polls but Harkin has impressive organization that could prove the difference in caucuses. Bush the overwhelming favorite in caucuses that are for show; an April primary determines apportionment of Republican delegates.

WASHINGTON (71 Dem): Clinton has the best organization, pivotal in caucuses, but others all making concerted efforts.

UTAH (23 Dem): Clinton the favorite based on organization. A late Kerrey target.MARCH 7

ARIZONA (41 Dem): Tsongas led Clinton 26 percent to 19 percent in a poll published last week; but 46 percent were undecided.

SOUTH CAROLINA (43 Dem; 36 GOP): A must-win for Clinton, who has the bulk of state Democratic support. Bush a heavy favorite, thanks to the staunch support of GOP Gov. Carroll Campbell.

WYOMING (13 Dem): Another test of whether Clinton's institutional support translates into voter support; he's backed by Gov. Mike Sullivan and Secretary of State Kathy Karpan.