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To the editor:

We need a health program that will provide medical attention for every man, woman and child. People who can't see the necessity of this better think about it a little more clearly.Thirty-three million Americans are without health insurance. Most of them are the non-poor.

Hospitals, doctors and health-insurance companies are playing merry-go-round with the forms and paperwork. This sometimes takes a year to get to a point where the companies will pay if the patient hasn't become confused and given up.

While insurance firms are trying to come through, doctors and hospitals want their money in full. If you say, "No, I can't," you are threatened with a collection agency. This happened to a friend of mine who owed $2,000.

People on fixed incomes, the elderly, the homeless - they suffer without health insurance coverage.

In choosing our candidates this year, let's choose and support those who will help get the needed medical insurance for every man, woman and child, whether rich or poor, and whatever race.

Richard G. Thayne