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To the editor:

As a former Utahn and KJQ-lover, I have followed with interest the KJQ saga over the past couple of months. When I returned over the Presidents' Day holiday to visit family, I made a point of tuning to KJQ (or what's left of it). What I heard was just a dry shell of its former self: no life, no vibrancy.It was also interesting to note the lack of advertising support (read "financial support") the new format and lack of personalities have engendered. During their airtime, I only heard two ads at the half-hour break, four ads at the hour break and none at the quarter hour. Not a lot of revenue there.

More noticeably, there was no "Milkbeast" anywhere. On previous holidays and Saturdays, you would hear mention of where the Milkbeast was going, or where it was currently "pastured." No more of that either. That was part of the fun of the old KJQ, and I'm sure it generated its fair share of revenues.

I guess in the infinite wisdom of the Texan who owns the station and his out-of-state (or was that "out-of-touch") consultant, they decided they didn't need that particular cash cow. Personally, I give them another six months of dismal existence before the accounting realities end it all.

However, on a brighter note, it was with relish that I heard from your own Lynn Arave that Mike Summers and the erstwhile KJQ crowd are now down in Provo, broadcasting from KZOL (X-96). More power to them. Now, if we can only coax them to run a cable up to Pocatello. We need a good listener-responsive modern rock station up here.

Keith Jensen

Pocatello, Idaho