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To the editor:

During the past few weeks I have received several news items and campaign brochures from a Senate candidate that attempt to discredit any other candidate who happens to be a millionaire. It is obvious that these negative statements are directed at Joe Cannon, candidate for the U.S. Senate.Having had an opportunity to personally visit with Mr. Cannon, I must say that any attack on his financial status is severely misguided. True enough, Mr. Cannon is a millionaire, but what the rhetoric fails to mention is that he started out in life in pretty much the same place as all of us.

The difference is that he learned early on various success principles that have guided his life. When he really believed in something or someone, he did not let the mocking or scoffing turn him from his goal. He executed his decisions and plans with confidence and tenacity until he achieved the desired results.

If you were to meet Mr. Cannon on the street, you would not accuse him of "elitism." I find him to be a kind, unassuming individual with a deep sense of compassion. But attack one of his core beliefs and you will find a gladiator willing to sacrifice all to defend what is right.

It is this kind of courage that brought Mr. Cannon success. It is this type of courage that will give him the opportunity to become one of the best senators in U.S. history as he takes on those who would propose laws that are harmful to our country.

Brian R. Allen

Salt Lake City