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To the editor:

The American people are greatly concerned about the economic future of this nation. Daily, we see TV news broadcasts, listen to radio commentaries and read newspaper articles that discuss the economic woes of the nation.In many ways, these financial problems can be attributed to foreign influences. Americans are buying imported cars and electronic gadgets. Monies that should be reinvested in the U.S. economy are being pocketed by outsiders.

People are calling for politicians to create tighter trade barriers. However, if such controls are implemented, the principles of free enterprise will be violated. It should not be the responsibility of the politicians to control trade.

The citizens of this great nation should refrain from purchasing foreign products when American products are available. This should be done because of national pride, not as a result of legislation. Herein lies the solution to he recession and the trade deficit.

D.E. Richardson

Brigham City