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The Automotive Safety Products Group of Morton International will receive Chrysler Corp.'s Quality Excellence Award Friday, March 13, for supplying air-bag modules for Chrysler's cars during model year 1991.

The award ceremony will be held at 12:30 p.m. in conjunction with Chrysler's Jeep Grand Cherokee Supplier Caravan Tour. The tour will give Morton employees a chance to look at the vehicle they helped make. The Grand Cherokee is the first sport-utility vehicle to be equipped with a driver-side air bag."We are proud that Chrysler has chosen Morton as a recipient of its Quality Excellence Award," said Kenneth Holmgren, president of the safety products group.

Morton supplies Chrysler with all of the inflators and a large percentage of the modules for the driver- and passenger-side air bags and currently is working on developing new designs for future vehicles. The company recently announced plans to hire 300 employees by the summer of 1992. The move will bring the number of company employees in Utah to 2,000.