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A Salt Lake man who set fire to a Taylorsville home where a family was sleeping was ordered Monday to undergo an evaluation at the Utah State Prison.

Dennis L. Roybal, 45, pleaded guilty to arson last month as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors. He was originally charged with attempted murder and aggravated arson.Judge Dennis Frederick ordered Roybal to undergo a 90-day diagnostic evaluation at the Point of the Mountain. He will return for setencing on June 15 at 9 a.m.

Roybal, 449 S. Post St., was charged with pouring gasoline onto the home at 5624 Lolene Way and igniting it. No one was injured in the blaze because a neighbor spotted the fire and was able to extinguish it.

Roybal told investigators he set the fire on Oct. 6, 1991, knowing that family members were inside the house asleep. He said he also knew that acetylene tanks and gasoline were on the other side of the door where he set the fire, according to court documents.

If the gas and tanks had ignited, the explosion would likely have killed the occupants of the house.

One of the owners told investigators Roybal had threatened to "make her a widow" if she was ever seen with a particular person. Just before the fire, she told Roybal she was going to be with that person that night, according to the documents.