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Improvement and beautification projects along the north I-70 access route in Richfield are being studied by the city's planning commission and Utah Department of Transportation personnel.

The commission approved annexation and a subdivision that would use city water southwest of Richfield, refused a request to waive curb and gutter requirements, and authorized an annexation near the south I-70 access route.City Administrator Woody Farnsworth, also secretary to the planning commission, said curb and gutter along both sides of the north access route, better access to some businesses, improvements for a more attractive roadway, and uniform access to properties along the route are being studied. Some of the proposals were presented to the planning commission by Sterling Davis, District Three UDOT director.

Specific plans will be outlined and announced after studies are completed.

A subdivision will be developed near the Cove View Golf Course. Water for seven new homes will be supplied from a well at that location. Because of planned ranchette-type homes, developer Mike Labrum requested a waiver of requirements for curb and gutter. The commission refused, but won't require sidewalks.

Property along the north side of the south I-70 access road from Topsfield Lodge to the interstate highway will be annexed into the city at the request of Alan Larsen of Richfield and Mike Riley of Beaver. They also requested a special improvement district be established so that water, sewer and a frontage road can be developed.