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To the editor:

I would like to thank the Deseret News for the article you ran Feb. 10, "Neighbors fear rezoning will destroy Union Fort."With my daily enjoyment of your paper all my life, I cannot tell you how thrilled and excited I was to discover one of my grandparent's homes in this article. My grandmother's name is Henrietta Cox, the granddaughter of Jehu Cox. To see a picture of Marion Cox in the Deseret News who is also related to Jehu Cox was very exciting to me. I squealed with delight and ran to show this article to my husband, who also enjoyed reading this article about one of my ancestors.

I am looking forward to attending a hearing to be held March 23, in the Salt Lake County Commission Office, in hopes that Jehu Cox's home can be preserved with perhaps a table, bench and chairs and a nice garden spot with lawn (no matter how small). We are hopeful our State Historical Society will back our family in this.

When my ancestor, Jehu Cox, gave his property to the city of Union, they told him they would like to make part of his land into a nice park some day. Thanks again for your article; I am still excited about it.

Merle V. Budd

Salt Lake City