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To the editor:

Are you guys trying to weave humor into your editorials or are you just naive? Your Feb. 19 editorial on Israeli and Arab violence seemed to be an attempt at subtle humor. You reference "complaints in some quarters" that Israel is not interested in trading land for peace and is trying to deliberately torpedo the peace talks. You go on to reflect that such perceptions are "extreme and unlikely."You have to be kidding. No land for peace. Isn't that what Shamir has been saying all along? Are they not trying to pre-empt a land exchange by their illegal settlements? What objective, other than torpedoing the talks, can you draw from the arrest of Palestinian delegates or the assassination of Sheik Musawi and his family?

Americans must take off the media-imposed rose-colored glasses when viewing Israel. We should acknowledge the repulsiveness of Israel's human-rights violations, illegal settlements, assassinations and military adventures. We must also recognize that American foreign aid and political cover allows Israel to continue harming innocent people in the Middle East.

Charles Harne