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To the editor:

Once the uninspired academic community became blind to the fact that the creator of this Earth inspires recognition of new sources of energy, it convinced the 1950-to-1990 generation that doomsday was around the corner because of "depletion of resources."We need better distribution and placement of human welfare above warfare and other manipulations of the power hungry, but the creator is able to provide an abundance for the needs of his creation.

From the "depleted resources" lie comes the motivation to misuse government power to usurp private citizen, parental, property and taxpayer rights.

I notice that the Endangered Species Act is up for review. It is one of the most unscientific, short-sighted and misanthropic pieces of legislation ever created, much to the shame of Congress.

It is unscientific in that it violates a key demonstrable law of nature called extinction of species that lose their habitat. The legislation may delay, but won't, in many cases, alter the immutability of the law.

For economic recovery, it is essential that that law be revoked or altered to requiring humane treatment of other species in our one-on-one encounters, except where a hunting license has been issued by reputable game management. It's time to turn environmental standards and management to the states, except for interstate disputes.

Walter C. Lichfield