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To the editor:

After reading yet another letter from Robert J. Chris Dettman, we can no longer sit back and not state our views on smoking.We were raised by two parents we love dearly, yet whose smoking habits we truly despised. We hated going to school each day with the stench of smoke in our hair and on our clothes. We hated our friends and classmates asking us when we had started smoking. We hated walking into our home, only to have to cut through a blue haze of thick smoke.

We hated the bronchitis we have had to deal with since a very early age. We hated sitting next to our father's deathbed watching him deteriorate and die from a habit people call "pleasurable and harmless."

As we grew up, we felt our decision not to smoke was an educated one - not a Christian decision or a "holier than thou" decision. Now we have people telling us that our decision means nothing to them; that whether we like it or not, we will inhale their smoke - it is their right. Where is our right as non-smokers? We are not asking anyone to quit smoking. We are just asking smokers to have some respect for the people that have chosen not to smoke.

All we are asking is that smokers realize that their choice to smoke not only affects their lives, but also affects ours if they happen to be in the same room.

Kim and Joby Paschal