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To the editor:

It's too bad Bush's preoccupation with democracy in foreign nations cannot be redirected to the American people. It seems free elections are ideal until it comes to his own Republican Party.Repeatedly, GOP state committees have barred Pat Buchanan and David Duke from primary ballots. And while neither candidate would stand a chance of replacing Bush as the Republican Party nominee, the people should be allowed to make the choice, not a bunch of back-room GOP hacks.

Democracy is the medicine for the world's ills, and in that light, the GOP could use a dose. In the spirit of democracy, there should be a choice, a dissenting voice. Though the voice may not appeal to some, the people should be allowed to choose.

For years, the Communist Party of Russia only allowed the people to vote for preselected candidates. Let us not emulate the communists at the same time they are striving to break free of their dictatorial past.

Andrew Sanford