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To the editor:

What has happened to impartiality? Bob Bernick, in his "pain in the wallet" article of March 1, reported that most in Utah are about the same or worse off than they were four years ago.He was right. Fifty-four percent reported they were the same or worse off than they were four years ago but he could just as easily and more accurately have reported that most are about the same or better off than they were four years ago. According to the figures I saw, 66 percent said they were the same or better off.

Such bias in the news wouldn't bother me so much if it were an isolated case but it seems to me it is becoming rampant. If the majority of Utahns are conservative and Republican it is just as obvious that the majority of news broadcasters and reporters are liberal and Democratic in their political views.

I respectfully submit that if we rely on the government to solve all our problems we will be sadly disappointed. The government is neither the cause nor the solution to all our problems. I call myself a Republican but I would vote for an honest Democrat just as readily as an honest Republican if I thought he would represent my views. The problem is they are both becoming as difficult to find as an unbiased reporter.

Oliver W. Wood

West Valley City