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To the editor:

Robert J. Chris Dettman is still way off the mark. In his letter in Readers' Forum Feb. 23, he is still trying to make a case for discrimination and a "moral issue" that just will not hold up.He is trying to moralize about judging. No one is judging him. Further, "Christian people" are concerned about the well-being of each other. Those who smoke in public are not being considerate of others.

No one is "discriminating" against him or any other smokers. Restaurants and other places of business (including Salt Lake County) that ban smoking are simply promoting good business by trying to protect the well-being of the majority of their patrons.

Mr. Dettman would have us believe that it is a "vocal minority" who are objecting to smoking. He needs to become familiar with the facts - non-smokers are the majority of the people in the United States and in Utah.

He makes reference to the "few" who die from smoking. Again, he needs to check the facts. Literally thousands die every year from smoking and thousands more from "secondhand" smoke.

Lynn J. Boulter

Salt Lake City