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A 75-year-old Garfield County man who is accused of biting a justice of the peace and trying to run over law enforcement officers with a vehicle is scheduled to appear at preliminary hearing March 23 in Panguitch.

Beryl Shurtz, Escalante, faces three third-degree felony charges, two of aggravated assault and one of assault by a prisoner. He was also charged with two misdemeanors, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.Information in the charges accuse Shurtz of interfering with Escalante Police Chief Anthony Byron, who was repossessing a pickup truck from Shurtz's son-in-law. Shurtz is also accused of assaulting deputy Celeste Bernards and biting Justice of the Peace Mel Richins.

Shurtz's son-in-law, Thomas Jackson, had taken the pickup truck from the premises of an automobile dealer in Panguitch, the information says. It had been taken there after being repossessed from him earlier for Zions Bank. Jackson has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle. The 6th District Court has ordered the truck returned to Jackson, however, pending the outcome of a bankruptcy filing.

Jackson allegedly took the truck back to Escalante. When Byron tried to repossess the truck again, Shurtz tried to run over officers with a vehicle, the charges say.

He allegedly bit Richins when the justice of the peace was helping officers put Shurtz in a vehicle to be transported to the Garfield County Jail in Panguitch.

Officers said that Shurtz complained he was having a heart attack. Restraints were required when he resisted being placed in an ambulance by medical technicians.

After arriving in Panguitch, Shurtz was released by the hospital for booking and placed in the custody of Judge John Yardley. He complained a second time of health problems, was returned to the hospital and again released.