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Could you please tell me if there is anywhere I can send or take old greeting cards or Christmas cards? Do schools use them, charities, nursing homes or homes for disabled? - M.C., Bountiful.

The Salvation Army will gladly accept any and all old greeting cards. They are made into placemats for shut-ins. Deliver them to the Salvation Army, 252 S. 500 E., in Salt Lake City during regular business hours.

Product warnings, recalls

Warning notice about Evenflo safety seat model numbers 453 & 459 and booster seat models 470 & 471 manufactured between Feb. 13, 1987 and Aug. 31, 1988. The cloth or vinyl pads in the seats are held in place by plastic push-pins, which can be worked free and ingested by a child, presenting a potential choking hazard. Call 1-800-837-8926 to request redesigned push-pins.

- Certain GE brand and Universal brand drip coffeemakers manufactured before April 28, 1984 have been recalled. A voluntary recall of these units was launched in March 1991. To determine date of manufacture, check the date code number stamped on the outside metal blade of the electric plug. If the number is 418 through 600, the coffeemaker is not involved in this recall. A fire hazard may occur when a supplier's thermal fuse in the coffeemaker fails to function as intended. Consumers in many areas of the country still have not returned these units. If you own a GE coffeemaker being recalled call GE at 1-800-443-9000.

About nine million drip coffeemakers bearing the Universal or GE brand name were manufactured during this time.

GE is offering $10 to consumers for each returned coffeemaker. GE will give consumers prepaid mailing cartons that come with instructions on how to arrange for convenient pickup.

The recalled coffeemakers are not repairable. They should be returned to the manufacturer.

Read the catalog number on the bottom of the unit as well as the date code on the electric plug.

Drip coffeemakers with the following catalog numbers are being recalled: B1DCM9, B2DCM9, B3DCM10, B4DCM10, B4DCM10. B1DCM14, B2DCM14, B3DCM15, B4DCM15, B5DCM15, B1DCM17, B2DCM17, B1DCM18, B2DCM18, B3DCM20, B1DCM50, B2DCM50, B3DCM50, B4DCM50, B5DCM50, B1-3384-0(DCM4), B1-3385-0(DCM10), B2-3385-0(DCM10), B1-3382-0(DCM12), B1-3390-0(DCM15), B2,3390-0(DCM15), B1-3387-0(DCM20), B2-3387-0(DCM20), B1-0018-0(DCM20), B2-0018-0(DCM100).