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Salt Lake City

Public hearings this weekBlock 57: The public is invited to voice opinions on redevelopment plans for the block, which is between 200 South and 300 South and between Main and State streets. Latest plans include a road through the middle of the block.

When: Thursday, March 12, at 5 p.m.

Where: City-County Building, 451 S. State, Rm. 325.

Why should I care? Redevelopment officials believe the block, once a bustling retail center, is a key to the revitalization of downtown's southern end.

Salt Lake County

Unincorporated neighborhoods: The United Association of Community Councils will meet. On the agenda is a report from Draper Mayor Charles Hoffman about a monorail proposal.

When: Thursday, March 12, 7:30 p.m.

Where: County Center, 2100 S State, Rm. N-4003.


No apartments: Following opposition from neighbors and the Taylorsville-Bennion Community Council, the Salt Lake County Planning Commission Tuesday denied a request for a new 52-unit townhome complex by Triton Industries on 2700 West near 5100 South. The planning commission said that the development was too dense, that traffic from nearby schools was too intense and that lights at a nearby ballfield are not appropriate for residential development. The firm now has the right to appeal to the Salt Lake County Commission by March 20.