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A group of Cache Valley farmers plan to send 150,000 pounds of milk to kindergarten children in Armenia on Monday, March 16.

Gossner Foods in Logan is processing the milk under ultrahigh temperatures, a process that eliminates the need for refrigeration. Miller Brothers will truck the milk from Logan to Hill Air Force Base, where it will be flown to Armenia.Four dairy farmers will accompany the milk to make sure it is delivered to the children. The distribution will be handled by the Armenian Church of America in the city of Yerevan, Armenia.

The farmers challenge other Utah and Cache Valley businesses to donate to the project. "Baseball caps, candy, bottles of aspirin, anything we have a surplus of that is of value will be welcome," said participating dairyman Leon Savage of Hyrum.

To donate, contact the Cache Chamber of Commerce at 752-2161. Donations must be prepared by March 14.