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The African National Congress said Thursday a recent surge of violence among blacks may undermine white support for the referendum being held Tuesday on ending apartheid.

Four blacks were killed in a train attack Thursday at a station in Boksburg, southeast of Johannesburg. The police unrest report listed 12 deaths Wednesday, including nine killings on black commuter trains in the Johannesburg area.The Human Rights Commission, an independent group, said the past week has been the most violent this year, with more than 80 killings.

The Inkatha Freedom Party, the ANC's main black rival, called for an increased police presence at train stations and said its supporters were the victims of several recent attacks.

"Time after time we see the death toll mount at moments of great importance in the politics of this country," the ANC, the leading black organization, said in a statement.

The ANC has often charged police with instigating violence and siding with the Inkatha Freedom Party.

The ANC statement did not accuse any group of involvement in the latest fighting, but said "the only forces that gain are those against peace and freedom."