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Yuba Dam Recreation sites will be closed to off highway vehicles effective April 15 on all public lands within the Yuba Reservior Special Recreation Management Area.

Neal Scoresby and Lynn Fergensen, representing the BLM, said the closure also includes an area within 300 yeards of the state park living quarters and maintenance area.The area west of old U.S. Highway 91 to the top of the ridge located there is an exception to the closure order, said Fergensen. During daylight hours the area will be open but will close at 10 p.m. and remain closed until 6 a.m. each day.

Off-highway vehicles include motorcycles, dunebuggies and all-terrain vehicles.

The area will be closed this summer and the closure could become permanent in the future. The effects of a permanent closure will be reviewed by the BLM in an enviromental assessment analyzing the effects of implementing a Yuba Reservior Recreation Area Management Plan.

Of the SRMA 15,940 acres, said Fergensen, approximately 13,900 acres are within Juab County and 2,040 in Sanpete County and 60 percent of the acreage is public.

Racing up and down the beaches by drivers of off-road vehicles has caused problems for some time but the problem continues to increase, said Fergensen.

"We haven't had the capability to do this before now," he said.