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The city's new board of adjustments has finally hung out its shingle and is handling complaints. In fact, the board has already settled three cases brought to the city this year.

The five-man board was created in October 1991 to answer questions on variance to the city's master plan. In the past, those questions were handled by the City Council and Planning Commission, said City Recorder Winnie Jensen."But we recognized the need to have it in force, and we are now in compliance with the way things are supposed to be done," Jensen said.

The first request was from Mark and Natalie Van Waggoner for a front and rear setback variance on a lot in Cottages on the Green. Because of the size of the small lot, the board granted the Van Waggoners a variance.

The second request was for a variance on a conditional-use permit for a residence owned by Clayton Hall. The board granted a non-conforming use permit subject to several stipulations, Jensen said.

"This property only has one lane that accesses it," she said. "But the lane is on property owned by someone else." The right of way for the lane is now in question because Hall has put the property up for sale.

The final request was for a front and side setback variance for Ted E. Tucker in the Alpine Country Club. That request was denied by the board of adjustments.

The request included a variance for 15 feet of setback for a garage. "Most big cars are longer than 15 feet. If they were to park a station wagon or Suburban there, the car would probably hang out over the sidewalk or even into the street. The board decided in this case it needed to conform to city standards," Jensen said.