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President Bush opened a slashing TV campaign Friday against rival Patrick Buchanan, offered a primary-season break to Michigan's auto industry and declared, "We've got to turn this economy around."

Bush went on the attack against his conservative challenger with a TV ad aimed at Michigan auto workers, pointing out that Buchanan drives a Mercedes-Benz."Michigan has too much at stake to trust Pat Buchanan," says the ad, which began running Thursday night and was to continue through Saturday, according to campaign officials.

Bush emerged from Air Force One into snow flurries and 18-degree temperatures and addressed about 1,000 supporters.

"My request to you is to go to those polls on Tuesday and give me four more years to lead this country . . . and keep our No. 1 leadership in the world. We are the best and now we've got to bring this economy in Michigan around and continue to lead the whole world."

Bush was stumping in hopes of winning back voters embittered by the recession.