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Bennion Teton Boys Ranch, Victor, Idaho, will offer three short sessions this summer. The terms will run June 22-July 11, July 13-Aug. 1 and Aug. 3-22. Cost is $680 per term with $50 reimbursable to each boy based on good work.

Operated by Salt Lake philanthropist Lowell Bennion for 25 years, the ranch was closed for a few years but reopened in 1989 and continues to follow the philosophies of its founder. The program provides boys ages 12 to 15 with work experiences, recreational activities and intellectual and social development. Gordon Lindsay, Muncie, Ind., a Ball State University professor, and wife Kathleen will be the directors. The Lindsays are Salt Lake natives. Lindsay, who worked as a counselor at the camp for five years, has bachelor's and master's degrees in health education and a doctorate in health and preventive medicine. Mrs. Lindsay, a former teacher, has taught piano for 20 years. She worked as the camp's cook while her husband was a counselor.

Applications for the ranch can be obtained by calling Milton and Heidi Shipp at (208) 582-0775.